Monday, September 29, 2008

Augustus Franklin-Dunning - Growing healthy and living long

The Melinda Show

September 30, 2008

Guest: Augustus Franklin-Dunning

Hosted by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Augustus Franklin-Dunning has spent years in researching the fields of astrophysics and the disciplines that together both tell the truth behind of legends that begin with the Garden of Eden and extend past our own time into the future. Each of these disciplines delves into history, biophysics, chemistry, and knowledge of the sociology of humanity as our world came into being as we know it today.

Franklin-Dunning believes that health living forever is possible. He has studied the reasons for ill health and longevity for many years both through biophysics and through the still existent ancient writings from civilizations long gone. These include ancient Samaria forward.

We will be talking about that history, your health, and the time to come.