Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thursday, October 23 - Guest: Howard Switzer

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This is the show that gives you the steps for stepping off the Grids to Freedom and Community.

Monday, October 20
Melody Gillespie – Dump Your Mortgage

Melody Gillespie is a Talk Show host and Legal Guru who has helped people through the pitfalls of the court system for 15 years. She will be talking about your Mortgage and what to do about it. In her daytime life Mel is a psychiatric nurse who early on realized that the system had been hijacked. You can get in touch with her at

Tuesday, October 21
Guest: Jodi Evans – Code Pink
Jodie is the founder and CEO for Code Pink, the organization that has been on point against the War in Iraq. Jodie will be with us to discuss what is happening in the anti-war movement and what can be done to take back America.

Wednesday, October 22
Guest: Michael Olson

Michael Olson is the founder of Metro Farm, an approach to localizing food production that is taking off around the country as people move over into farming close to population centers to rebuild the economy and ensure that healthy food remains available to Americans.

Thursday, October 23
Guest: Howard Switzer

Howard Switzer was a member of the Farm in Tennessee from 1973 – 1083 and has spent his life in Green building. In 2006 he was the Green Candidate for Governor of Tennessee. He will be talking about Green Building, financial permaculture, and community development. His business site is at Earth and Straw Homes.

Friday, October 24
Guest: Francis Ayley

Francis Ayley is the founder of Fourth Corner Exchange, a barter – trade system that has withstood the tests of time and is now being rapidly adopted by communities confronted with the threat of the present economic meltdown. Fourth Corner Exchange was designed to be a robust system that could handle disputes using the Non-Violent Communication Techniques of Marshall Rosenberg. This has proven to be the case. During the nearly ten years of its existence only two cases have needed mediation and each was settled amicably in less than 20 minutes.